Coffee: Hot & Cold

Cappuccino & Latte

cappuccino and latte at Paciugo, We cater gelato and coffee in Tampa Bay at weddings, meetings party

Cappuccino & Lattes are available in three sizes. All are made from the finest, freshest espresso beans, ground fresh for each delicious cup.



What a pleasure to enjoy two to three scoops of gelato, your choice of flavors, topped with hot espresso or hot chocolate, then topped with fresh made whipped cream and a ginger cookie.  Absolutely yummy!



How about a cappuccino using gelato instead of milk?  Yes, delicious!  We take a gelato flavor of your choice, melt it in espresso then steam it to a frothy concoction of pure culinary delight. 

Cold Brew

cater cold brew coffee and cater gelato at wedding, business meeting, graduation, party, events

Cold Brew coffee is just what the name implies, coffee beans are ground rough and fresh just before soaking in cold, filtered water for 18 hours.  Upon extraction, the coffee is less acidic, less bitter and smoother than hot brewed coffee with a higher caffeine content.  



Nitro Coffee is cold brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen.  The nitrogen gives the cold brew an added smoothness.  It also creates a cascading affect that creates a foam head looking similar to a guinness beer. 

Nitro Coffee Float

Nitro Coffee float, gelato and nitro coffee drink. cater gelato and coffee tampa bay. wedding events

Imagine a cold cup of nitro coffee with one to two scoops of gelato added in, you now have a Nitro float. A must try for any coffee enthusiast.