NOW SERVING BREAKFAST - Avocado Toast, Steel Cut & Coconut Oatmeal, more to come



Staying in? No problem. Our to-go packs are perfect to enjoy our gelato in the comfort of your own home! ❤️ We even offer "curbside pickup" in the alley! You may call ahead your order, pay over the phone then call when you arrive and we will run your order out to you.


Pints: $6.49 TX Pecan Sea Salt Caramel, Strawberry Sorbeto, Three Vanillas, Spumoni, Chocolate, Neapolitan

Custom Filled Pints: $ 7.75  Any flavor in the case packed to order

To-Go Packs: Select your flavors from the following website:

Regolare: $18.49 Up to 4 flavors, serves 7-9
Grande: $23.49 Up to 5 flavors, serves 12-15

Order a Regolare or Grande and get a 3 Pack of Macaroons FREE (random flavors)

Pup Cup: Don't forget the dog! $2.00

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